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Gingie the Stray

You’re a hero!
All it takes is the love of an animal to make an ailing human feel better. So it was with Good Samaritan LynnGingie who, despite her own health issues, provided food, water and protection to a needy feral cat. So smitten was she by ginger-striped Gingie that she wanted to make him a member of her family, but lacked the funds to have him neutered and brought up to date with vaccines. Thanks to your support, we were able to provide Lynn with a Home for Life grant, and now Gingie, the once feral feline, will know how it feels to love and be loved fur-ever.

Be a hero and donate today so we can continue to help pets like Gingie.


Say hello to BeeGee. This beautiful girl is our newest Pet Food Panty Pal, and seeing eye dog that Ann and Beegee wigettguides Ann, her partner, around everyday obstacles.

Because of your support we are able to provide BeeGee with grain free food and medication to control her allergies. And BeeGee is so grateful for that.

Please make a year-end gift to STARelief so we can continue to provide BeeGee with the resources she needs to stay happy, healthy and home.

Buddy and Jan

Buddy and JanBuddy1

Stretched gracefully across his blanket, this stunning former stray is a study in calm contentment. Aptly named for the “total love nugget” he’s known to be, Buddy, the beautiful blue pit bull is truly worth his weight in gold. Then one day, he elected to jump – higher and farther than he should have — seriously injuring two of his legs. No sooner had his traumatized owner Jan and her boyfriend saved the funds for his scheduled operation than he underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured hematoma, where doctors removed his spleen along with a benign 5-pound tumor. Having spent the bulk of their money on this most unfortunate an unforeseen incident, Jan applied to us for assistance, and we provided her with a Home for Life grant to help pay for the extracapsular repair surgery Buddy ultimately underwent. Thankfully, the operation was a success, and Buddy, Jan’s blessed and cherished buddy, is happily home and healing well.


IMG_4169BearDog – 
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this one speaks volumes. About a man and his dog, as close as two loving companions can be. Two-year-old BearDog, the German shepherd, is the one constant in his owner, Ronnie’s life. Ill, unemployed and homeless, Ronnie has lately depended on the kindness of others. Then, one October night, his devoted BearDog suddenly suffered a series of seizures. Because Ronnie lacked the funds to have him seen by a vet, a friend directed Ronnie to us. We promptly provided him with a Home for Life grant of $176 to cover the cost of the examination and the necessary blood work. The tests were negative, leaving the vet to conclude that BearDog could be epileptic and might not have another seizure for years. His suggestion: watch him and keep loving him. Which one relieved Ronnie intends to do.


thor nimbleSafe home for Thor. Thanks to you!

Thors family became homeless.  Mother and son living in their car with no means to take care of their beloved Thor.  They reached out to a local shelter for help.  However, the shelter does not allow dogs. That’s when their case worker reached out to our Safe Pet Foster program.  Through this program, and with your generous support, we were able to provide Thor with a safe home until Thor’s family got back on their feet.

Mia of Beloved Memory

Img039509-08-2015 Mia2Mia of Beloved Memory

For 11 years, Mia was the cherished pet of Jesse’s heart, her smile, her source of sweetness and support. Together they formed a mutual admiration society of two. What started as a simple ad on a local bulletin board led to a lifetime’s worth of loving and companionship for this rescued mixed breed beauty and the woman who adored her. Sadly, however, when Mia developed a lump in her neck, it took Jesse, who was then unemployed and physically disabled, four weeks to gather the funds needed to bring her ailing dog to the vet. The unfortunate diagnosis was thyroid cancer, and with Mia’s life now counted in weeks, perhaps days, Jesse was given sufficient medication to keep her devoted companion comfortable. When it was time to release Mia to Rainbow Bridge, we provided the distraught and grieving Jesse with a grant to cover the cost of euthanasia and a private cremation. While far from a storybook ending, we were, however, able to relieve Jesse of her financial burden, leaving her secure in the knowledge that the pet of her heart had departed this life in peace and with dignity.


Meet Zoey – Love comes in all sizes. And although Zoey is a tiny MinPin, her capacity to love is huge. The longtime, cherished companion of her adoring owner, Diane, who is both elderly and disabled, Zoey herself was suffering from ear pain, shards of glass in her foot, and needed her vaccinations updated. Due to her mom’s lack of funds and transportation, a vet visit seemed all but impossible. We not only provided Diane with a Home for Life grant to cover the cost of Zoey’s exam, vaccinations, and flea and tick medications, but we also transported the deserving duo to and from their vet appointment. Now a happier, healthier Zoey is even more loving than ever.



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Lucky and Chips – Before and After

Meet LucLucky and Chips beforeky and Chips (formerly Mutt and Jeff).  They were found cold, wet and dirty roaming the streets of Stamford, CT when our volunteer Amanda found them. We took them in had them vetted and cleaned up.  They are now happy, healthy and in their forever home. Thank you Janet for adopting these beautiful critters and for taking great care of them.  We are forever grateful!
Lucky and Chips

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11899826_835020036605055_506847260292829999_nMeet Kalyee –

With her huge, perked ears and soft, melting eyes, she was born to melt hearts. But this small beauty has a large medical problem. Diagnosed with moderate kidney failure, she recently began receiving twice-weekly subcutaneous fluids or “doggy dialysis,” and is back to eating and playing with her toys again. But this is only the beginning, and with upcoming vaccinations and blood work to pay for as well, her loving owners, who are already suffering enormous financial hardships, appealed to us for assistance. To ease their burden, we provided them with a Home For Life grant towards Kalyee’s veterinary care.


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Meet Murrylepore pic 1

A playful and precocious doggy bundle of cuddly cuteness, ‘Murry’ is made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Then, suddenly, all of that changed. He not only suffered an orthopedic injury, but he developed a growth in one eye as the result of a secondary infection. His frightened and loving caretaker, who had faced one financial setback after another, was barely able to cover the costs of his orthopedic treatment, and was sadly unable to pay for the eye surgery he urgently needed. We provided her with a $300 grant towards the surgery, and thankfully, brave little ‘Murry’ is happily home again and happily on the road to a full recovery.



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