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STARelief and Pet Assistance is a national 501c3 organization based in Stamford, CT.

STARelief’s programs are designed to save pets’ lives, assist families in need, reduce the number of pets entering shelters, and advocate for responsible pet ownership.

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We provide assistance to:

  • Low income individuals and/or families
  • Physically and/or mentally impaired
  • U.S. Military members and their families
  • Homeless who own pets
  • Senior citizens and retirees on fixed income
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Pets displaced due to natural disasters

Home For Life Grants 
Financial hardships can prevent people from caring for the pets they love. Our Home For Life Grant program provides financial assistance and resources to pet caretakers and families who are experiencing financial hardship. We provide assistance for routine and emergency veterinary care for those who meet our requirements. You can learn more about our Home For Life grants and find out about the eligibility requirements by
following this link.

Pet Food PantryPet Food Pantry
No one should ever have to choose between feeding themselves or their pet. To ensure that no pet goes hungry, our pet food pantry provides free life-saving pet food and supplies to anyone having financial difficulties. You can learn more about our Pet Food Pantry and find out about the eligibility requirements by following this link.

Pets For Military Vets 
Honoring those who serve our country, military personnel and their families may now have a new “friend” waiting for them at any city run animal shelter. Our Pets For Military Vets program will cover the cost of adopting a pet from any Municipal Animal Shelter, six months worth of heartworm and flea & tick medication.  Click here to fill out the easy application.

End-of-Life Services 
At STARelief and Pet Assistance, we are here to support you through all the stages of your pets life.

End of life care for your pet brings about both difficult and emotional decisions.  Our Home For Life grant provides a variety of compassionate services to help you through this process.  We understand the grief involved when it comes time to say goodbye – we are here for you.

Safe Place for Pets

No pet owner should have to abandon their pet in a crisis.  STARelief’s Safe Place for Pets program provides free safe and temporary foster care to pets of the homeless, victims of domestic violence, and people suffering an illness.  With the goal of keeping pets and their people together.


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