IMG_4169BearDog – 
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this one speaks volumes. About a man and his dog, as close as two loving companions can be. Two-year-old BearDog, the German shepherd, is the one constant in his owner, Ronnie’s life. Ill, unemployed and homeless, Ronnie has lately depended on the kindness of others. Then, one October night, his devoted BearDog suddenly suffered a series of seizures. Because Ronnie lacked the funds to have him seen by a vet, a friend directed Ronnie to us. We promptly provided him with a Home for Life grant of $176 to cover the cost of the examination and the necessary blood work. The tests were negative, leaving the vet to conclude that BearDog could be epileptic and might not have another seizure for years. His suggestion: watch him and keep loving him. Which one relieved Ronnie intends to do.

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