Buddy and Jan

Buddy and JanBuddy1

Stretched gracefully across his blanket, this stunning former stray is a study in calm contentment. Aptly named for the “total love nugget” he’s known to be, Buddy, the beautiful blue pit bull is truly worth his weight in gold. Then one day, he elected to jump – higher and farther than he should have — seriously injuring two of his legs. No sooner had his traumatized owner Jan and her boyfriend saved the funds for his scheduled operation than he underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured hematoma, where doctors removed his spleen along with a benign 5-pound tumor. Having spent the bulk of their money on this most unfortunate an unforeseen incident, Jan applied to us for assistance, and we provided her with a Home for Life grant to help pay for the extracapsular repair surgery Buddy ultimately underwent. Thankfully, the operation was a success, and Buddy, Jan’s blessed and cherished buddy, is happily home and healing well.

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