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Rocky’s Owner was ill with aRocky life threatening illness. Due to his illness he had to take a leave of absence from work. Rocky’s owner used all his savings for medicines and had to move to a new apartment due to unforeseen circumstances. The new apartment required pets to be vaccinated and a health certificate as well, which Rocky’s owner could not afford to get for him.

That’s when he contacted STARelief. We provided him with pet food and the necessary vaccines, medications and health certificate so he could keep Rocky with him!

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snowyLife is tough when one becomes a widow supporting a disabled daughter. That’s just what happened to Lisa.

While living on survivor benefits and trying to make ends meet, their beloved pet Snowy started limping. Hoping it was just a temporary condition, Lisa put off taking Snowy to the veterinarian because of the strain on their financial resources. But after two weeks, Snowy’s conditioned did not improve. That’s when Lisa contacted STARelief and Pet Assistance for help.

After Lisa was able to gather the funds for Snowy’s initial visit, STARelief provided her with a grant of $90 to cover the cost of the x-rays and medications needed to keep Snowy happy, healthy and home.

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penelopePenelope was diagnosed with PARVO, a deadly form of puppy flu. She was in need of immediate medical treatment including intravenous fluids and various medications, to ensure her way back to good health. The total cost of Penelope’s care was $1,200, which her owner did not have so she contacted STARelief for financial assistance.

After a few days in the hospital, combined with medication and loving care, Penelope is now PARVO free, healthy, happy and home with her new mom ! Periodic check ups will be required to ensure her continued health and happiness.


Meet Pandora


Pandora’s owner, on a fixed income had no problem providing the monthly heart medication needed to keep her healthy. Until she encountered some unexpected, very large medical expenses of her own.

The cost of Pandora’s medications became too much for her owner to handle – causing her to become behind on her bills.
Because Pandora’s owner qualified under our low income guidelines she contacted STARelief for assistance.

Thanks to your support, we were able to provide Pandora with the life-saving medication needed to keep her happy, healthy and home while her owner got caught up on her delinquent bills.

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The power of working as a team – read what happens.Charles

Jenny, on a fixed income always put the needs of others first.  Helping friends and family in any way she could – even taking in a puppy named Charles her friend could no longer care for.

But when Jenny noticed Charles had a “malformed leg” she immediately took him to see a veterinarian.  It turned out that Charles needed corrective osteotomy surgery that would cost ~$2,251.00 to correct.  With no money to pay for the surgery Jenny reached out to friends, family and STARelief for assistance. Together we were able to get Charles the surgery he needed to stay happy, healthy and home with Jenny.

Jenny wrote – “I am so appreciative of your contribution to Charles’s surgery.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

Please donate to STARelief so we can continue to support families like Jenny keep their pets.



Lexus developed a mass tumor on her leg which needed immediate testing and biopsy. Upon biopsy results, it was determinedlexus post surgery the mass was non-cancerous but removal was necessary to prevent complications. The cost of the procedure was $500, and since Leslie, a single mother, was on a government assistance program, contacted STARelief and Pet Assistance for help.


Lexus completed her surgery in November 2013. The mass was removed and no further complications were imminent. The procedure was completed at Garden Grove Dog & Cat Hospital. Lexus now has a clean bill of health and can walk comfortably and pain free again. Congratulations to Lexus and Leslie!

5 Kittens Find Loving Homes

5 Adopted KitensMeet Frank, George, Rocky, Luna and Jackie.  STARelief was contacted by Social Services to assist with a terrible hoarding case.  The owner reluctantly relinquished these kittens into our care. Thanks to our wonderful foster volunteers and donors we were able to nurse them back to health as well as find them loving homes.


SashaSasha’s Story,

Ann, an animal lover with a full-time job decided to save a life by adopting a dog from a local rescue group. Ann was able to provide the best care for  her “best friend” Sasha while working full-time. But things took a turn for the worst – Ann became disabled and could no longer work.

Soon Ann discovered that her beloved Sasha was in pain and needed emergency extraction for an infected tooth.

Ann wrote – “Normally I can provide the best possible food and care, heartworm and flea/tick prevention, and regular vet attention, but this current crisis is absolutely beyond my means”

That’s when Ann reached out to STARelief and Pet Assistance’s Aid-A-Pet Grant Program.  STAReleif was able to cover the cost of Sasha’s emergency surgery.

“I’m very happy to report that Sasha came through her surgery today with flying colors! Dr. Haynes said the tooth had splintered deep above the gum line and must have been very painful. He successfully removed it, and we’ll follow up in ten days to check the extraction site.”

“Luckily your grant arrived Christmas Eve, right before the holidays.  If the surgery hadn’t been possible, I don’t know what we would have done.” – Thanks so much again, and Merry Christmas!

Baby and Her Seven Puppies

banner to use - maybe.pngEmergency Medical Care Given to Baby and Her 7 Pups!

On September 22, 2013, the owners of Baby, a (BREED), that had gone into labor early in the morning realized something was wrong. After successfully delivering three puppies, her owners discovered Baby was having some difficulty delivering the rest of her litter.

Unfortunately, the only vet clinics open on Sundays in the (AREA) were emergency medical centers that charge a lot of money—something Baby’s owners couldn’t afford. Baby needed help fast because she was going in and out of consciousness so after driving for three hours to find a vet that was open, Baby’s owners sought out the advice of the officer on duty at the Stamford Animal Shelter.

Baby was in trouble and would her precious pups survive without immediate vet care?


The Stamford Animal Shelter called STARelief and asked if we could help Baby. We immediately said yes and directed her owner’s to take her to the emergency pet hospital at Cornell University. STARelief promised whatever Baby’s medical costs would be, we would handle those costs through our Pet Medical Care Fund.

At the pet hospital it was discovered Baby had dystocia and Cornell called STARelief and told us Baby had a pup stuck in her uterus and needed an emergency C-section to save her life and the lives of her tiny puppies.

Untreated, Baby’s uterus could burst but with our assistance, Baby did receive the life-saving emergency C-section and she was also spayed.

Seven of the eleven puppies Baby gave birth to survived all thanks to the emergency care she and her owners were able to receive. This is where STARelief shines because we know there are so many loving pet owners that find themselves in emergency situations with their pets and no way to pay for treatment.


Princess Bella CaldwellHomeless Couple and their beloved cat, Bella, receive a second chance!

When Debbie and Tom lost their jobs, the last thing they thought they would lose is their home and their ability to provide care for their beloved cat, Bella. But when Tom become ill, it was a struggle to pay their bills – ultimately they lost their home.

A friend offered them a place to live until they could got back on their feet.  But their friend is allergic to cats, and Debbie and Tom did not want to surrender Bella to a shelter.  They reached out to STARelief for assistance.

STARelief stepped in and provided emergency boarding for Bella – along with some basic veterinary care – while Debbie and Tom got back on their feet.

We are very happy to say that Tom found a job in Florida.
Debbie, Tom, and Bella are now happy, healthy, and in their new home.

Won’t you please consider helping people like Debbie and Tom keep their cherished pets happy, healthy, and home by donating to STARelief today.


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