Baby and Her Seven Puppies

banner to use - maybe.pngEmergency Medical Care Given to Baby and Her 7 Pups!

On September 22, 2013, the owners of Baby, a (BREED), that had gone into labor early in the morning realized something was wrong. After successfully delivering three puppies, her owners discovered Baby was having some difficulty delivering the rest of her litter.

Unfortunately, the only vet clinics open on Sundays in the (AREA) were emergency medical centers that charge a lot of money—something Baby’s owners couldn’t afford. Baby needed help fast because she was going in and out of consciousness so after driving for three hours to find a vet that was open, Baby’s owners sought out the advice of the officer on duty at the Stamford Animal Shelter.

Baby was in trouble and would her precious pups survive without immediate vet care?


The Stamford Animal Shelter called STARelief and asked if we could help Baby. We immediately said yes and directed her owner’s to take her to the emergency pet hospital at Cornell University. STARelief promised whatever Baby’s medical costs would be, we would handle those costs through our Pet Medical Care Fund.

At the pet hospital it was discovered Baby had dystocia and Cornell called STARelief and told us Baby had a pup stuck in her uterus and needed an emergency C-section to save her life and the lives of her tiny puppies.

Untreated, Baby’s uterus could burst but with our assistance, Baby did receive the life-saving emergency C-section and she was also spayed.

Seven of the eleven puppies Baby gave birth to survived all thanks to the emergency care she and her owners were able to receive. This is where STARelief shines because we know there are so many loving pet owners that find themselves in emergency situations with their pets and no way to pay for treatment.

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