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charlieCharlie’s Story
Little Charlie, an 8 year old Chihuahua, needed Enucleation surgery. Patricia, unemployed and unable to provide the medical care needed for Charlie, contacted STARelief’s Aid-a-Pet Grant program for assistance.

Charlie’s surgery was successfully performed on October 2, 2012 at Quinebaugh Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Ernie – AKA “The Nugget”

ernieAt STARelief, we understand that very often, emergency animal fostering services are needed. Because fostering pets for people in crisis is just one of our commitments to the community we serve, here’s the touching story of Ernie, a one and one-half year old Pit Bull who needed help—fast!

Ernie belongs to a woman facing a horrid situation that we all hear too much about—spousal abuse. STARelief was able to step in and offer Ernie safe harbor while his owner and her three children found their own protection in a domestic violence shelter.

Ernie’s family had a tough decision to make and, while they found a safe place to stay, unfortunately the domestic abuse shelter couldn’t take this adorable Pit Bull. With no other option, Ernie’s owner left the animal with her abusive spouse.

Afraid the abuser would take out his frustrations on poor Ernie, Ernie’s owner contacted her caseworker and told her the story. STARelief was contacted and stepped in to find a foster home for Ernie.

Today, we are happy to say that Ernie has been reunited with his family!  While Ernie’s family got the help they needed to ensure their safety, Ernie was placed with one of our volunteers who offered foster care. Our free emergency boarding/foster care program was setup for purposes just like the one Ernie had to endure.


Jack A Different Kind of Success Story –
When treasured pets reach the end of the road, loving families want nothing more than to gently help them over the rainbow bridge, providing the same care and compassion their pet has received throughout its lifetime.

Jack was a 26-1/2 year old rescue horse who experienced neurological problems. His owner was unable to afford to euthanize him to prevent future suffering, so she turned to STARelief for help.

In her words: “ I greatly appreciate all that STARelief has done for our family. You have helped an old rescue (Jack) cross over with ease and dignity”


belle zeinerA recent vet visit discovered that Bell’es gallbladder was at risk of rupturing causing sepsis and needed immediate removal.  Her owner, unable to cover the complete cost of surgery and follow up care, contacted STARelief’s Aid-a-Pet Grant program for assistance. STARelief contributed $300.00 towards Belle’s surgery to keep her happy, healthy and home.

Belle’s gallbladder removal surgery was successfully performed at VCA in Norwalk CT. Belle is on her way to a full recovery. Best of luck to Belle and her owner.

Dear STARelief and Pet Assistance, 
“Belle and I cannot thank you enough for your support and contribution toward her recent gallbladder removal surgery.
The good news is, she endured the surgery well. Liver biopsies and GB cultures were negative for any further infection or disease and the gallbladder was in tact. They said we had very little time left, so it was just in time, thankfully!”
With sincerest thanks, Belle


PheonixPheonix was found abandoned and suffering from an Upper Respiratory infection by a Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan, on a fixed income and unable to pay for Phoenix’s medical care was ready to surrender Pheonix to the Stamford Animal Shelter until a friend told her about STARelief’s Home For Life grant program.

Outcome –
Phoenix was able to get the required medical are from STARelief. She has had a full recovery and is now healthy and living with her new pet caretaker the “Good Samaritan”.


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