The power of working as a team – read what happens.Charles

Jenny, on a fixed income always put the needs of others first.  Helping friends and family in any way she could – even taking in a puppy named Charles her friend could no longer care for.

But when Jenny noticed Charles had a “malformed leg” she immediately took him to see a veterinarian.  It turned out that Charles needed corrective osteotomy surgery that would cost ~$2,251.00 to correct.  With no money to pay for the surgery Jenny reached out to friends, family and STARelief for assistance. Together we were able to get Charles the surgery he needed to stay happy, healthy and home with Jenny.

Jenny wrote – “I am so appreciative of your contribution to Charles’s surgery.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

Please donate to STARelief so we can continue to support families like Jenny keep their pets.

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