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mikey for websiteMikey had eaten a sock which was lodged in his intestine, causing severe discomfort, vomiting, and lethargy.  It was obvious that immediate removal of the sock was necessary.  The total cost of the surgery was $2,792, and, Mikey’s owner, disabled, on a Kidney Transplant waiting list, needed the funding for Mikey so they contacted STARelief and Pet Assistance.

STARelief was able to provide a grant of $400, and, along with other organizations pitching in Mikey received surgery on November 20, 2013  The delicate surgery went well, and Mikey is recovering at home.  Remember Mikey, socks are to be worn, not swallowed.  We wish Mikey and his family the best of health.


sweetyMeet Sweety – Just like one of our most famed Presidents, JFK, little five-year-old Sweety the Beagle has Addison’s Disease. This is one tough disease for pups and hard to diagnose. When Sweety’s owner took her to the vet, a test to check her electrolyte, sodium and potassium levels was done to confirm Sweety did indeed have Addison’s Disease.

This was a difficult diagnosis for Sweety’s owner. Widowed with one child, Sweety’s  owner was already aware of her symptoms—vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, lack of appetite, tremors and muscle weakness. Poor little Sweety had no get up and go and was sick all the time it seemed.

The vet told Sweety’s owner Addison’s Disease was treatable but Sweety  would require maintenance medication for the rest of her life. The tests to diagnose Sweety were over $350 and just three months of needed medications would cost Sweety’s owner approximately $380 or $127 per month.

Unable to pay more than $50 to the vet each month, Sweety’s owner heard about STARelief’s pet medical assistance program and asked for help.


general 2Raymond, a military veteran on disability, contacted STARelief when he needed help getting General, his service dog, veterinary care.

“I’m on disability & barely have enough money to feed myself and my dog, which leaves me with no money to get my dog the medical help he needs.”

General provides invaluable service to Raymond.  He aides him in improving his balance, increasing his exercise, and provides constant companionship.

With the generous help of our supporters, STARelief was able to step in and assist Raymond with getting General the medical care required to keep him happy, healthy, and home with Raymond.

Salem & Samantha

salem and samanthaSamantha and Salem were abandoned when their caretakers moved out of their apartment. Elizabeth, a concerned neighbor and cat lover, took them in.  Realizing they needed medical care, Elizabeth — a senior citizen on disability with a fixed income and with 4 cats of her own — contacted STARescue’s Aid-A-Pet grant for assistance.

Samantha and Salem received a thorough check up, shots,  and were spayed and neutered.  Both are doing great and living together with Elizabeth in their new,  forever home.  Congratulations Samantha and Salem!

Stella-Mary and Charlie

stella and charlieStellaMary and Charlie are cherished pets whose family needed help paying for their basic veterinary care (rabies shots, vaccinations and dental care).  Although the family is experiencing some difficult times, STAR was able to help them care for StellaMary and Charlie and keep both of their pets Happy, Healthy & Home.   Here’s what their family had to say about STAR:  “STAR Stamford Animal Rescue is an amazing organization….Heather is amazing and contacted me right away and arranged everything for us. I hope one day to be able to give back so another family will get help in their time of need. I hope that STAResue will be able to continue their mission for a very long time.” Your donations keep families together



When Mary — a single mother of one son, on SSI & disability –received the news that Paco, their cherished family pet, needed life saving surgery, they submitted an application for a STARelief Aid-A-Pet grant to help pay for Paco’s surgery.  With help from STARelief, Paco received a $250 grant and, more importantly, the life saving surgery needed to save his life.

Mary wrote us after Paco’s surgery –  “Thank you, STARelief, for saving my dog’s life! What a wonderful organization that truly helps pets and people in need-professionally and honestly with excellent communication skills. Most animal organizations simply profess to help-this organization SAVES DOGS LIVES! God must see your good works and blesses the day you were formed. Paco and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts-he is doing extremely well after his removal of the tumor and is already back to barking at birds and chasing squirrels again! God Bless and keep up the good work!”


baileyBailey’s Story
Bailey was a discarded stray who was only a few weeks old when she was found by Lisa, a Good Samaritan.  Bailey needed immediate medical care. Lisa was on a fixed income and her husband was unemployed, so they did not have the funds to provide medical care for Bailey .  Lisa contacted STARelief’s Aid-a-Pet Grant program for assistance.

Bailey was taken to the vet, where she received a routine exam and vaccines. Bailey is on her way to being a healthy cat!


BuddyBuddy’s Story –
Buddy, a 10 year old Chocolate Lab, was rescued as a puppy by the family of a retired US Navy officer. Recently Buddy exhibited symptoms such as drooling, coughing and gagging. He was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the back of his throat and referred to Dr. Sweet at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists.

Outcome –
The cost of Buddy’s care was too high for his senior caregivers to afford, but thanks to the efforts of STAR and other organizations, Buddy underwent successful surgery and came through like a trooper!


BaxterBaxter’s Story
Baxter was brought to the vet as an emergency after being bitten by a Copperhead snake while running on a trail with his owner. Baxter needed to be treated with antivenom immediately at a cost of $2,400. Total cost of the antivenim and hospitalization for Baxter came to $3,500. Owner just finished graduate school and is looking for work, and contacted STARescue for assistance.

Baxter completed his antivenim treatment and was discharged from the hospital after two days. He is resting and will have a full recovery. Best of luck to Baxter and his owner!


geri and teddyTeddy’s Story –
This is Teddy with his new mom, Geri. Teddy came to us for a stay while his previous owner was hospitalized, but she soon realized she could no longer care fro Teddy on her own. STARelief found a new home for Teddy, complete with some pet siblings to play with! Teddy has had to make some behavior adjustments (and overcome his cravings for people food), but he’s doing great. Thanks to our STARelief volunteers and donors for helping us care for Teddy while he found his new happy home!


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