When Mary — a single mother of one son, on SSI & disability –received the news that Paco, their cherished family pet, needed life saving surgery, they submitted an application for a STARelief Aid-A-Pet grant to help pay for Paco’s surgery.  With help from STARelief, Paco received a $250 grant and, more importantly, the life saving surgery needed to save his life.

Mary wrote us after Paco’s surgery –  “Thank you, STARelief, for saving my dog’s life! What a wonderful organization that truly helps pets and people in need-professionally and honestly with excellent communication skills. Most animal organizations simply profess to help-this organization SAVES DOGS LIVES! God must see your good works and blesses the day you were formed. Paco and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts-he is doing extremely well after his removal of the tumor and is already back to barking at birds and chasing squirrels again! God Bless and keep up the good work!”

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