sweetyMeet Sweety – Just like one of our most famed Presidents, JFK, little five-year-old Sweety the Beagle has Addison’s Disease. This is one tough disease for pups and hard to diagnose. When Sweety’s owner took her to the vet, a test to check her electrolyte, sodium and potassium levels was done to confirm Sweety did indeed have Addison’s Disease.

This was a difficult diagnosis for Sweety’s owner. Widowed with one child, Sweety’s  owner was already aware of her symptoms—vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, lack of appetite, tremors and muscle weakness. Poor little Sweety had no get up and go and was sick all the time it seemed.

The vet told Sweety’s owner Addison’s Disease was treatable but Sweety  would require maintenance medication for the rest of her life. The tests to diagnose Sweety were over $350 and just three months of needed medications would cost Sweety’s owner approximately $380 or $127 per month.

Unable to pay more than $50 to the vet each month, Sweety’s owner heard about STARelief’s pet medical assistance program and asked for help.

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