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Sarah and Love Mo

Sarah and Love Mo

What more fitting name could there be for a loving and supportive cat  zoe-in-window-with-driftwood
companion than Love Mo? And Sarah, her devoted and doting cat guardian knows
more than most about the need for loving support when the world seems
darkest. Disabled and barely scraping by on a single pension while awaiting
approval for another, she longed to bring Love Mo up to date on her vetting
and vaccinations, but couldn’t afford it. And so, she turned to us. Thanks
to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Sarah with the funds for a
vet exam and vaccines to keep her precious Love Mo healthy, loving, and

Willow and Amy

Success story and another reason fireworks and pets don’t mix.

Willow and Amy

Willow, the striking Shepherd mix, is Amy’s hero, her heart and her life. The young psychologist, whose own life is filled with financial and emotional stress, has, while counseling others, always counted on Willow’s constancy and support. But all of that changed in an instant when, frightened by fireworks, Willow charged through a window of Amy’s apartment and fell three stories to the ground. A hind leg shattered and was swiftly
amputated, while a broken front leg required surgery to fuse the bones back together.
An anguished Amy reached out to us for assistance. Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided her with a Home for Life Grant for Willow’s successful surgery. Her spunk and spirit restored, this feisty fighter is once again the center of her number one fan’s world.

Please donate today so we can continue to help pets like Willow and their owners in need.

Meet Eli

Jeri and Eli 13653068_1027210104052713_1379255103107231583_o
When man’s best friend is there for his “man” right from the start, repaying him for his loving loyalty sometimes comes sooner rather than later. So it was with Jeri and his new best friend, Eli, when Jeri found himself in dire financial straits and Eli in sudden need of surgery on his right elbow.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Jeri with a Home for Life Grant towards Eli’s surgery. The operation was a success, and for an active dog on crate rest, Eli is “itching” to get back to being active again.


Please donate so we can continue to provide life-saving services to pets and families in need.

Chico and Jennifer

A story that will melt your heart.13958298_1033277613445962_1463902936872240261_o

Chico and Jennifer

If a pictures worth a thousand words, this one is priceless. Summed up in a single, loving embrace is a woman and her dog, joined in heart and in spirit.

Chico, a sassy and sprightly 8-year-old had already been diagnosed with cancer when Jennifer fell in love with him at a local shelter, and adopted him. Bonding instantly, this senior was a junior in every way, affectionate and goofy, happy and to her, the “most special soul”. Despite having received a possible prognosis of two years, one month later, Chico collapsed, pale and barely breathing. He endured endless tests at the emergency vet clinic, coupled with oxygen and continuous IV fluids, and revived enough to recognize his shaken owner. Forced with the painful choice of repeated interventions or freeing the dog she loved from future pain, Jennifer held him in her arms and watched as he passed peacefully. Jobless and on disability, she appealed to us for assistance, and thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided her with a Home for Life Grant towards Chicos medical expenses.


Although we aren’t always there at the start of a love story, we hope being there at the end helps cushion, not only the financial, but the emotional burden as well.

Please donate so we can help more pets like Chico.

Kona and Deanna

Kona and Deanna –

Two smiling faces! One beautifully bonded pair! And yet, this is only part of their love story. Twelve years ago, Deanna, happy, healthy, and employed, received puppy, Kona, for her birthday. He quickly became the center of her world, the one source of stability in her life when she was subsequently diagnosed with multiple chronic pain illnesses and could no longer work, leaving her isolated at home, and in increasing financial straits. Whatever
funds she did receive, she used to maintain both her health and Kona’s. But when he was recently examined for a mass on his face that required surgery, she reached out to all the sources she could, with little success, until she reached out to us.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Deanna with a Home for Life Grant for Kona’s successful surgery. And now, this beautifully bonded pair is smiling happily again.kona-devaney-pet

Justin and Tabitha

Sandra, Justin and Tabitha
One merry, loving trio until misfortune struck. On unpaid sick leave and  regandogjustin
without resources, a desperate Sandra not only needed to have Justin, her
4-year-old Pekingese and Tabitha, her 15-year-old DSH cat vaccinated and  registered with the city of West Hartford (or face being fined), but Tabitha  seemed to be suffering from a respiratory infection. Knowing what a  conscientious pet owner Sandra was, a concerned officer from WHPD Animal  Control contacted us on her behalf. Thanks to your ongoing and generous  support, we helped vaccinate and medicate both pets, and Sandra was,  subsequently and successfully, able to register them both with the city.regancatjoseph


Aurora Krouse 3Full-coated and full-bodied, Aurora epitomizes the unique beauty of the
Husky. Sadly, however, she developed a large lump on her back left side that
needed to be removed and biopsied. Sadder still were the continuing medical
and financial crises being faced by Steve and Lisa, Aurora’s devoted and now
desperate owners. Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided
the couple with a Home for Life Grant towards Aurora’s surgery. Today, she’s
recovering well from the operation, seems happy and lively,


Pippin and Sandi –
Pretty Pippin is one pip of a pup, but her petite poker face has only been masking her pain. Like all small Pippin Gearydogs, sweet 7-year-old Pippin has a little mouth and tiny teeth, many of them in need of immediate extraction. Due to stomach hyperacidity, Pippin’s teeth have corroded over the years, and her loving mom, Sandi, is desperate. Living on permanent SSDI/SSI, she simply lacks the funds needed for Pippin’s surgery. Luckily, she recently received funding from another organization, and thanks to your support, we were able to provide her with a Home for Life grant. Soon Pippin’s poker face will be gone, and in its place will be a wide, happy grin.

Three Amigos

Three Amigos Cat Trio –
They say that when it rains it pours. Never was the axiom truer than for Amy. Disabled and living on State Three AmigosAssistance, not only had her three precious indoor cats been infested with fleas because of a neighbor’s dog, but they also developed tapeworms. All at a time when Amy’s sister passed, and whatever funds she had were severely diminished. As a result, she couldn’t afford the Advantage or tapeworm medications that her beloved Reinassi, Kit Kat and Freddy urgently needed. Thanks to your support, we were able to provide her with a Home for Life grant. Now three felines and one female are purring prettily again!

Please donate today so we can continue to provide assistance to more cat trio’s in need.


Mother of three and a beautiful Lab –

A single mother of three, Joan recently returned to work after recuperating from an operation. With her 12565465_907507649356293_8616569844555726965_nsavings sorely depleted due to several vet bills in the preceding months, she was stunned when an orthopedic exam and x-rays revealed that her Golden Lab puppy, Bow, was suffering from an avulsion fracture of the cruciate ligament, and needed his own expensive surgery. Thanks to your support, we were able to provide Joan with a Home for Life grant to help defray some of the costs of Bow’s operation. Soon, hopefully, Joan and Bow can take a much deserved and well-earned bow together.

Please donate today so we can continue to assist families in need and the pets they love.


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