Mia of Beloved Memory

Img039509-08-2015 Mia2Mia of Beloved Memory

For 11 years, Mia was the cherished pet of Jesse’s heart, her smile, her source of sweetness and support. Together they formed a mutual admiration society of two. What started as a simple ad on a local bulletin board led to a lifetime’s worth of loving and companionship for this rescued mixed breed beauty and the woman who adored her. Sadly, however, when Mia developed a lump in her neck, it took Jesse, who was then unemployed and physically disabled, four weeks to gather the funds needed to bring her ailing dog to the vet. The unfortunate diagnosis was thyroid cancer, and with Mia’s life now counted in weeks, perhaps days, Jesse was given sufficient medication to keep her devoted companion comfortable. When it was time to release Mia to Rainbow Bridge, we provided the distraught and grieving Jesse with a grant to cover the cost of euthanasia and a private cremation. While far from a storybook ending, we were, however, able to relieve Jesse of her financial burden, leaving her secure in the knowledge that the pet of her heart had departed this life in peace and with dignity.

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