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Georgia and Stacy

What greater comfort is there for someone in distress than the unconditional love of a dog? Ask Stacy, disabled by depression and anxiety after losing both her job and her marriage. Ask Stacy, whose cherished companion Georgia is her sole source of joy, cuddling her, sensing the onset of a panic attack and lying on her until it passes. Ask Stacy, living on the last of her unemployment benefits and applying for state disability while Georgia hasn’t seen a vet in two years.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Stacy with a Home for Life grant to help pay for Georgia’s checkup as they both await brighter days.


Kannon and Ann

Found as a puppy by the side of a Texas road, Kannon has grown into a striking and sweet, cuddly and fun-loving 2-year-old Great Dane. Except … extreme arthritis makes even walking difficult, and while other dogs run and play, he can only watch. To give him the quality of life he deserves, he requires two costly TPLO surgeries. His devoted mom, Ann, a pre-med graduate, saddled by student debt on top of her cherished companion’s ongoing medical expenses, has cobbled together enough funding for the first surgery and has appealed to us, among other organizations, for assistance with the second.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Ann with a Home for Life grant in the hopes that Kannon may soon be running and playing like any other healthy young dog.

Luna and Matteo

STARelief prevents two more dogs from being left at a shelter.

Could anything be worse than losing all of your possessions and having no place to call home? Yes. Being in this position along with the two pets you adore. So it was for Kim and her family as they desperately looked for a new place that would allow them to keep their beloved dogs, large Luna and minuscule Matteo.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Kim with a Home for Life grant for veterinary care and eight weeks of emergency boarding and foster care for Luna and Matteo.

Please donate today at so we can continue to prevent precious pets from ending up in a shelter.


Cutie and Linda,

There’s a time for living and a time for letting go. Never is a choice more devastating than the one made by a caring owner to spare a cherished pet further pain.

Linda and cuddly Cutie had shared many loving years together, and so when Cutie was diagnosed with a rapidly growing cancerous mass in her mouth, the financially strapped and emotionally stricken Linda reached out to us for help.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Lisa with a Home for Life grant to humanely euthanize her beloved Cutie. Run pain-free at the Bridge, sweet Cutie, run free.

A note from Linda: “I just wanted to thank you and again for your financial assistance. Words cannot describe how heartbreaking it was to have to put Cutie to sleep yesterday. But I have some peace knowing she is no longer suffering and that I will see her in heaven someday. Again, thank you”.
– Linda

Cola and Melanie

Cola and Melanie

When Melanie saved Cola from a neighbor’s abusiveness, it was love at first and fur-ever sight. Now the sweet and affectionate kitty has a nasopharyngeal polyp requiring blood work and a CT scan followed by a rhinoscopy-endoscopy to remove it.

Working numerous jobs, but short of the funds needed for these multiple procedures, Melanie turned to us for assistance. Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided her with a Home for Life grant so that Cola may soon give his worried owner a healthy paw’s up sign again.

Please donate today so we can continue to save lives at

Kona Provides Emotional Support

Dog provides emotional support –
Kona and William

As agonizing as combat is, the after-effects are often greater and can last a lifetime. So it was with William, a fully disabled USMC combat veteran, whose injuries left him unemployable and financially dependent on VA and SS disability benefits. Fortunately, he found EMOTIONAL support in the tender and unwavering love of his trained service dog, Kona.

Unfortunately, however, Kona tore the ACL on her back left leg, requiring surgery to repair it. Unable to afford the operation, he and his wife, Sarah, kept her on kenneled bed rest (separated from William who was so dependent on her) and provided her with laser treatments and pain medications as they scrambled to find the necessary funds. Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided the couple with a Home for Life grant to help with the cost of Kona’s surgery. Now healing well, this devoted dog is back to doing what she loves most: being (her) man’s best friend.

Please donate so we can continue to support our Military Vets.

Red helps the military

Our Pets For Military Vets program made this sweet pup a happy one this holiday season – thanks to you.

When Steve, a military veteran received Golden Retriever mix, Red, as a companion service pet, he received a four-legged source of loving, loyalty and solace. But sadly for the newly bonded duo, Red was suffering from a severe ear infection causing him untold misery and pain. Currently subsisting on minimal monthly assistance, an anguished Steve contacted us.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided him with a Pets For Military Vets grant to cover the cost of Red’s vet visit and medications. Now Steve and Red can share their first Christmas in good spirits and good health.

Troy gets a second chance

Ask any loving pet owner how they treat their pet, and the reply is  
invariably “as a member of the family.” Never was this truer than for Kalpana and her three children when they discovered that their beloved
little dog Troy had four tumors on his body, some potentially cancerous. And yet, due to their severe financial hardships, they despaired of finding a
way to provide him with the surgery he so urgently needed. Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we furnished Kalpana with a Home for Life grant to cover the full cost of Troy’s successful surgery.

Blind Ginger

gingerSTARelief has taken in a blind, fourteen year old Min Pin named Ginger. Ginger’s owner had to go into a senior living facility and unfortunately could not take Ginger with her – she is heartbroken.

STARelief will be keeping Ginger happy, healthy and home for as long as we can but Ginger will require special care. Please donate to Ginger’s care at

Also, if anyone has any tips on caring for a blind senior dog, please share them with us. Thank you.


Levi and Frank

Pair one elegant American Eskimo dog with one disabled American veteran and what do youlevi-visnaw have? A loving bond, inseparable and indivisible. Due to the family’s financial hardships, they were unable to afford the treatment for Levi’s severe flea dermatitis or pay for his rabies vaccine and license. Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Frank, a veteran, with a Home for Life grant in the hopes of easing both his financial burden and ensuring
his cherished pet’s comfort.

Please donate so we can continue to provide life-saving veterinary care to our military families in need.


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