Cutie and Linda,

There’s a time for living and a time for letting go. Never is a choice more devastating than the one made by a caring owner to spare a cherished pet further pain.

Linda and cuddly Cutie had shared many loving years together, and so when Cutie was diagnosed with a rapidly growing cancerous mass in her mouth, the financially strapped and emotionally stricken Linda reached out to us for help.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Lisa with a Home for Life grant to humanely euthanize her beloved Cutie. Run pain-free at the Bridge, sweet Cutie, run free.

A note from Linda: “I just wanted to thank you and again for your financial assistance. Words cannot describe how heartbreaking it was to have to put Cutie to sleep yesterday. But I have some peace knowing she is no longer suffering and that I will see her in heaven someday. Again, thank you”.
– Linda


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