Jewels and Karen

Jewels and Karen

When is a pet more than a pet? When that pet is a cherished member of an adoring family. When that pet is a source of comfort and coziness, laughter and love. When that pet is a striking, striped cat justifiably named Jewels. Sadly for this gem of a kitty, he developed crystals in his urethra, causing him excruciating pain and a blockage that demanded immediate surgery. Sadder still was the fact that his devastated owner, Karen, was unemployed, unable, despite every effort, plea and outreach to others, to pay for the operation.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided her with a Home for Life grant to help pay for Jewels’s lifesaving surgery, and one more tightly bonded family is now tighter than ever.

Please donate today at so we can continue to save more pets like Jewels.

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