When a Good Samaritan takes an unwanted dog into her heart and her home, the sunny skies she hopes for all too often turn gray. And so, when Shaune found that Rocky, her loyal and loving companion of a mere two months had never been vaccinated, and that the frisky 4-year-old suffered from both Lyme disease and heart worms, her bright world was plunged into darkness.

Not only was Rocky ill, but Shaun had been battling PTSD and fibromyalgia, had undergone several recent surgeries, which, coupled with student loans and other obligations, had left her in increasing debt and growing desperation. Her resourcefulness and community outreach yielded some funding, allowing her to provide Rocky with a start on her road to recovery, but it was simply that: a start. And then she turned to us.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Shaun with a Home for Life grant to help cover the cost of some of Rocky’s treatments. At last report, she was slowly making her way back to a healthy and happy future with loving Shaun by her side every paw step of the way.

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