LacyBill and Lacy

Nothing compares with the soft, soulful gaze of a gentle Lab. No matter the pain she feels or the pain she senses around her. For Lacy and her loving owner Bill, all was well until his mother passed away. And then, in short order, the musician suffered one medical mishap after another, and was unable to work. Fortunately, he received some funding from Musicares and the Grand Ole Opry Trust Fund to help with his mortgage and medical costs. But his main concern was his only companion and the love of his life, Lacy. How would he pay for her ongoing medical costs? We provided him with the answer and the means, paying for a full vet exam, heartworm test, heartworm, flea and tick medications, as well as medication for a wound on one of Lacy’s legs. With some of his burden eased, Bill can breathe easier knowing his Lacy is safe and well.

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