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One large man plus one small cat equals one huge love! But recently, kissable Kimmie was in trouble and in excruciating pain. At first, Carl thought her hind quarters had been grazed by a car, but when pus began flowing from her back, he quickly called a nearby animal hospital that operates on a sliding income scale. Unfortunately, they couldn’t see Kimmie for another 12 days. Terrified of losing his only companion, he took his ailing cat on a bus to an animal hospital, where it was estimated that Kimmie’s care would cost $700. A frantic Carl, who lives on a fixed monthly income, contacted the Humane Society clinic that promptly referred him to us. We provided him with a $300 grant and he borrowed the remaining funds from family and friends. Following a 4-hour wait at the vet’s office while Kimmie was treated, the two returned home by bus with paws and fingers crossed. Happily, Kimmie is now healthy and playing like a kitten, and a grateful and gracious Carl has pledged “to give back what was so freely given to me, so that you can continue to give aid to those in need.”

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