Kona and Deanna

Kona and Deanna –

Two smiling faces! One beautifully bonded pair! And yet, this is only part of their love story. Twelve years ago, Deanna, happy, healthy, and employed, received puppy, Kona, for her birthday. He quickly became the center of her world, the one source of stability in her life when she was subsequently diagnosed with multiple chronic pain illnesses and could no longer work, leaving her isolated at home, and in increasing financial straits. Whatever
funds she did receive, she used to maintain both her health and Kona’s. But when he was recently examined for a mass on his face that required surgery, she reached out to all the sources she could, with little success, until she reached out to us.

Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Deanna with a Home for Life Grant for Kona’s successful surgery. And now, this beautifully bonded pair is smiling happily again.kona-devaney-pet


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