Chico and Jennifer

A story that will melt your heart.13958298_1033277613445962_1463902936872240261_o

Chico and Jennifer

If a pictures worth a thousand words, this one is priceless. Summed up in a single, loving embrace is a woman and her dog, joined in heart and in spirit.

Chico, a sassy and sprightly 8-year-old had already been diagnosed with cancer when Jennifer fell in love with him at a local shelter, and adopted him. Bonding instantly, this senior was a junior in every way, affectionate and goofy, happy and to her, the “most special soul”. Despite having received a possible prognosis of two years, one month later, Chico collapsed, pale and barely breathing. He endured endless tests at the emergency vet clinic, coupled with oxygen and continuous IV fluids, and revived enough to recognize his shaken owner. Forced with the painful choice of repeated interventions or freeing the dog she loved from future pain, Jennifer held him in her arms and watched as he passed peacefully. Jobless and on disability, she appealed to us for assistance, and thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided her with a Home for Life Grant towards Chicos medical expenses.


Although we aren’t always there at the start of a love story, we hope being there at the end helps cushion, not only the financial, but the emotional burden as well.

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