Isabella wigett 2Her gentle brown eyes say it all: thank you for helping to stop the pain. Thank you for giving me a chance at a normal life again. In February, while Bella was recovering in the hospital from surgery to repair a ruptured ligament in one of her hind legs, she ruptured the ligament in her other leg, rendering her virtually powerless, and jeopardizing the success of the original surgery. Once home, she was sedated and medicated to keep her calm and moderately pain free, forced to eat and drink lying down, and carried outside to potty. What she needed was a second operation. But sadly, Bella’s young owners were both unemployed and had used all of their resources, along with some financial aid, to pay for the first operation. Desperate to save the dog they adored, they applied to us and we gave them a $500 grant, enabling the surgery to be performed immediately. Now, despite the pills, the dreaded “cone” and “bed rest” in her kennel for several more weeks, Bella has thankfully started her long journey toward a full recovery.

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