Baby Sword WigettBaby and Sara

From the photograph, it’s impossible to tell who has the wider smile — Baby or Sara. A hint: Sara’s the one with the toothy grin, while little Baby had 8 of her small doggy teeth extracted. After being rescued from two homeless men on the street, 5-year-old Baby quickly became young Sara’s assistance dog. For Sara, who suffers from epilepsy, spina biffida occulta, cerebral palsy and gastrointestinal issues that require her to have a feeding tube, Baby is the center of her world, of her life.
But when Baby’s eating slowed and it was obvious that she had serious dental decay requiring sedation and surgery, Sara, who relies solely on her monthly SSI payments, was both heartsick and desperate. She applied to us for assistance and we promptly provided her with a $200 grant to cover the cost of the operation. And so, despite the stitches and the post-op pain, Baby is doing well, and both dog and “mommy” have their smiles back.

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