Your Pet Is Not A Human Being

Your Dog Is Not A Human Being.

I’d be hard pressed to find anyone with a deeper love for dogs than me. On any given day, I might be

a girl is sitting outside in the grass shaking hands with her dog silhouetted against the sunset sky

driving a dog to the veterinarian, saving one from being euthanized or fostering one or two. I adore dogs and spend a great deal of time, energy, and money caring for them.

What I don’t do is treat dogs like they are humans. I don’t dress them in adorable outfits every day; I don’t push them in a stroller on a regular basis, either. And I don’t expect dogs to be entertained by the television when they are left alone.

I am not saying you shouldn’t think of your dog as an intricate part of your family. But don’t fail to see them for what they are…what they want, and what they need.

Many people who love their pets make the mistake of expecting them to enjoy the same things they do. Even worse, well-meaning pet owners often expect a dog to behave as a person in certain circumstances. This is unkind and unfair to the dog.

One of the core responsibilities of pet ownership is to keep our pets safe. They rely on us to make good decisions. It breaks my heart to see people surprised and disappointed when their dogs act like dogs.

Those of us who share our lives with animals should feel empowered to understand their emotions and feelings. To have an honest and authentic relationship with our pets, we need to listen, observe, and consider their perspective. In order to do this, we need to remove preconceptions and assumptions and be open to their truth.

So take Fido out of your stroller or purse and let him/her chase her own truth.

Heather Scutti

Program Director

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