STARelief saved Teddy’s life!!! I have worked in the veterinary field for 30 years. I am a veterinary hospital manager. I have often run into clients that want to do what is best for their pet but are unable to cover the entire cost of their care. This week a young couple with a toddler came in with an injured beloved kitty. A fractured arm was more than they could afford right now, the father was losing work hours soon. They responsibly discussed their financial situation before coming in and at every point of their pet’s visit. When I was able to call STARelief and get a donation for them it gave Teddy a shot at life. They committed to the other half of his care and now Teddy is home in recovery. STARelief is thorough, prompt, caring and responsible. It gave me an opportunity to save a kitty’s life and make a family happy. THANK YOU STARELIEF!


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