The Stamford Animal Rescue (STAR) was brought to my attention through a friend of mine who is an animal lover.  I have two full grown cats, a juvenile kitten and a stray outside whom I feed.  As you know kittens can eat you out of house and home and my two older cats ( a voluptuous 13.5 lbs and a muscular mush 16 lbs) can eat and eat and eat.  All my cats and stray are rescues.  I can’t see my life without them.  When I approached STAR, I was hesitant, embarrassed that I needed help and grateful.  When I entered the facility, the people were warm, giving and respectful.  The food is greatly appreciated and needed.  Thank goodness for people like STAR who can have us live with our precious furry family and give them the food they need with respect  Three cheers and a 5/5 star rating for STAR!!!


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STARelief and Pet Assistance
P.O. Box 3035
Stamford, CT 06905
Phone: 203-636-0971
Fax: 203-883-0325
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