Willow and Amy

Success story and another reason fireworks and pets don’t mix.

Willow and Amy

Willow, the striking Shepherd mix, is Amy’s hero, her heart and her life. The young psychologist, whose own life is filled with financial and emotional stress, has, while counseling others, always counted on Willow’s constancy and support. But all of that changed in an instant when, frightened by fireworks, Willow charged through a window of Amy’s apartment and fell three stories to the ground. A hind leg shattered and was swiftly
amputated, while a broken front leg required surgery to fuse the bones back together.
An anguished Amy reached out to us for assistance. Thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided her with a Home for Life Grant for Willow’s successful surgery. Her spunk and spirit restored, this feisty fighter is once again the center of her number one fan’s world.

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