Sweet Kitty Kasa

Love, at its purest, knows no boundaries, sees no deficiencies. Consider, then, one disabled man and one disabled Kasa Hatt:Wrightkitten, bonded by just such a love — life giving and life sustaining. Kasa, her marbled beauty barely marred by her single eye, was found at the age of three weeks by the side of the road on Labor Day 2015. Dehydrated and ailing, she was bottle fed, kept warm and safe, while a close, caring friend paid for her first vet exam and
vaccinations. Recently, however, her eye began leaking, causing Kasa great discomfort and Stephen, her devoted owner, great concern. A compassionate friend reached out to us, and thanks to your ongoing and generous support, we provided Stephen with a Home for Life grant for sweet Kasa’s medical care. To us, there’s no happier “tail” than this kind of tale.

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