Rebel “saves” Gulf War Vet

Rebel When Rebel’s owner, a disabled USAF Vet of the Gulf War approached us requesting help, we were moved by her problems. Samantha, sustained permanent disabilities and was unable to afford care for her beloved service dog- Rebel. Samantha adopted Rebel from an organization that guaranteed neutering him and updating his shots. However, the organization didn’t fulfill their promise leaving Samantha helpless and unable to care for her beloved service dog.

When Samantha (who is part of our Pets for Vets program) wrote to us, we were more than happy to help provide her with pet food as well as life-saving veterinary care for Rebel. ‘I love Rebel. He takes care of me. In fact, he saves my life every day literally and figuratively’ she said.

To help more Vets and support out Pets for Vets program, donate at and help spread the word!

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