lexyLexy’s Story –

It began as an act of compassion and turned quickly to love. Robert rescued a beautiful young Pit bull named Lexy from a friend’s indifferent neighbor. Their daily lives assumed a pattern and a routine, one of sweetness, safety and stability. And then, their stable world was suddenly flipped, like a coin, turning from heads to tails. Robert lost his job and even worse, the apartment that allowed its tenants to own dogs. Desperate, he tried again and again to find a temporary home for himself and his beloved Lexy. Without success. Together, man and dog spent five weeks in the heat of the summer as transients, moving from place to place. Finally, a despairing Robert went to an animal shelter to relinquish his cherished companion. Thankfully, the shelter told him to contact us. We provided safe boarding for Lexy for 3 months until Robert found an apartment that he could not only afford, but that would allow him to keep 4-year-old Lexy as well. There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing two halves of a whole become one again.

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