Meet Kimber –

Although her gentle gaze masks her pain, Kimber, the loving 2-year-old Pit Bull had been living in 12342604_884682784972113_5366543331749643385_nagony for months. Her devoted owners Tom and Kathy had watched in despair as their highly active pet, one who ran and played fetch, hiked and swam, began favoring one rear leg, then ultimately using only three. Diagnosed with torn cruciate ligaments and patellar luxation in both rear legs, she required not one, but four separate surgeries, without which she would lose all function in those legs. With Tom completing university and working part time, and Kathy working two jobs to make ends meet and offset the cost of Kimber’s surgeries, they reached out to others for help, including STARelief. Because of your support, we where able to provide them with a Home for Life grant towards the first of Kimber’s surgeries, and are pleased to announce that she has been recovering well, that her range of motion and joint stability have greatly improved, and that her pain has been drastically reduced. Paws crossed for three more equally successful operations and Kimber’s return to an active, pain free life!

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