Ayla – Cancer Survivor

Ayla’s Story –  Wayla 007hat a difference a few weeks make. From standing stiffly in her stiff “Elizabethan collar” to stretching out comfortably on the grass, a football between her two front paws. This handsome, 11-year-old German shepherd/Pit bull mix was adopted at 5 months by her current family when her original owners moved away. Her adoring mom, herself an ovarian cancer survivor, was devastated when she recently    learned that her best doggy friend was suffering from mammary tumors. Fearing the worst and unable to pay the high cost of Ayla’s projected medical Ayla's pink photobills, she turned to us for help. Through one of our Aid-A-Pet grants, Ayla underwent successful surgery to remove the tumors, and her prognosis is excellent. Take a second look at Ayla’s second picture. As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words.


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