Two beautiful children and one contented dog. Posed as the picture of familial perfection. But it wasn’t like this a few months ago, and the possibility of it ever being this way was slimmer than slim. Patches, the 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier, was Patchesthe cherished companion of a loving and growing young family. They were expecting a third child, were already stretched thin financially as they struggled to pay off both student and auto loans while running a small business that was, itself, in dire straits. And then came the devastating news that turned their emotional world upside down. Patches was diagnosed with stage one Fibrosarcoma.

He underwent surgery at their veterinarian’s office to remove one of what would prove to be several cancerous tumors. X-rays revealed, however, that the cancer had not yet spread to his heart, making him a candidate for further surgery to remove the other, more recent tumors. Then a CT scan revealed several microscopic growths under his skin, for which localized radiation was recommended.


The combined cost for the surgery and a four-week course of radiation was a staggering $11,925.65. Because Patches was given a strong chance of survival, of living disease-free if the family acted at once, they knew it was a chance he deserved and a chance they had to take.

If only the cost of saving the dog they adored was not so prohibitive.

The couple wasted no time in setting up an online fundraiser, and they applied to us for an Aid-a-Pet Grant. We provided them with $300 and the combined funding allowed them to schedule Patches’ surgery.

Happily, this much-beloved black and white Jack Russell is recovering well, and one very grateful and happy family is looking forward to a holiday season, which once looked bleak, but is now a cause for joyous celebration.



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