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The best place for any dog or cat is in a loving home – STARelief is a group of all volunteers dedicated to keeping pets & families together during hard financial times. We do this by providing life saving pet food, supplies and veterinary care as well as assisting families with spaying & neutering their pets. Our goal is to reduce the number of pets that are left behind or relinquished to local animal shelters. We assist low income, unemployed, seniors on a fixed income, the disabled, current and former military personnel as well as the homeless with pets.

In these difficult times, many families are faced with the hard decision of giving up their pet, because they can no longer properly care for them. This accounts for most of the 3-4 million pets that are destroyed in shelters each year in the United States. STARelief hopes to decrease this burden on families by supplying life saving pet food and veterinary care to families in need. Families should not have to choose between feeding themselves or their pets. We are one of the only organization of our kind in the area and the need for our help keeps growing each week.

As animal shelters fill up and as families struggle, STARelief’s Pet Food Pantry is committed to making a difference in our community in a whole new way. Our pet food pantry services the Fairfield, New Haven, and Westchester counties.

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