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Allergy Alert! Itch That Time Again.

Has your dog suddenly started scratching herself or biting certain areas of her body? Chewing on her feet? Rubbing her face back and forth across the carpet?

If so, she may be suffering from seasonal allergies. These reactions to an obvious, but invisible, itch is her body’s way of responding to molecules called “allergens.”

The major culprits: trees, grasses, pollens, molds and ragweed. The main cause: inhaling these irritants through the nose and mouth.

Unlike humans, most dogs’ allergies manifest themselves as skin irritations or inflammations known as allergic dermatitis. Left untreated, your dog’s constant scratching can lead to open sores and scabs, hair loss and hot spots. Ear infections, running noses, watery eyes, coughing and sneezing may also occur.

To determine the source of your dog’s allergy, ask your vet to conduct a series of tests: intradermal, blood or both.

Once a specific allergen has been identified, you can try the following:

Avoidance: for pollens, keep your dog away from fields; keep lawns short; keep her indoors when pollen counts are high; vacuum and wash floors with non-toxic agents instead of regular household cleaners containing chemicals.

Topical therapies: frequent baths with an oatmeal-free shampoo; foot soaks to reduce tracking allergens into the house; topical solutions containing hydrocortisone to ease the itching.

Diet: one low in carbohydrates like grain, or low in fat; put omega-3 fatty acids and/or coconut oil in her food; add a combination of the naturopathic supplements quercetin, bromelain and papain to her meals.

Drugs: antihistamines, cyclosporine or steroids.

As always, consult your vet before starting any form of treatment. Monitor your dog’s behaviour closely and report any improvement or worsening in her condition.

It may take several attempts before the proper treatment is found. But when it is, your dog will be much more comfortable — and so will you.

Article by Nomi Berger. Nomi is the best selling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction, two volumes of poetry, and hundreds of articles. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her adopted Maltese, Mini, and volunteers her writing skills to animal rescue groups in Canada and the USA.

STARelief now offers Free Humane Rx cards

At STARelief, we are always trying to find out ways of helping families in need of assistance. To continue with our mission, we have tied up with Humane Rx.

Did you know that medication non-adherence kills 125,000 people a year, and adds an extra $290 billion dollars on to our nation’s health care bill? A recent Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey found that in 2012, 50 million adults, ages 19-64, failed to fill a prescription because of financial difficulty, up from 48,000,000 in 2010. Consumer Reports found that almost half (47%) of patients are unwilling to discuss financial difficulties with their doctor; and 68% are uncomfortable discussing them with their pharmacist. In a survey of 2,400 CVS pharmacists, 62% believe that high prescription drug costs are the primary reason why an estimated one third of their customers fail to fill their prescriptions.

bigstock-Animal-doctor-closeup-with-pet-45732859-2The Humane Rx card improves prescription affordability for everyone. All you need to do is print a free Humane Rx Prescription Card and present it to the pharmacist to get up to 75% off. The card offers discounts on Human and Animal medication at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart and other stores. Consumers can also present the following Humane Rx discount code to their pharmacist to gain immediate access to lower, pre-negotiated discount prices on most prescription drugs: BIN: 600428, PCN: 05100000, GRP: 06400001, UID: STARPR, Pharmacy Help Line: 1-866-921-7286. There is no paperwork, no exclusions, no hassles, just discounted medicines! Prescription discount cards have been around for 15+ years, saving consumers billions of dollars. Most people don’t know about these cards and end up paying more for their prescriptions. The program is funded by a small fee paid by the pharmacy each time a card produces a discount for consumers. Consumers can only save using the cards. We have partnered with Humane Rx to make giving to the less fortunate, easier!

bigstock-Cute-dog-giving-a-kiss-to-the--43915867For every time that the Humane Rx card produces a discount for the card holder, we get $2 from Causes Rx. So as you save on your medication, you are helping save the life of a dear pet! We already have cards that you can collect, or you can just print out a card for yourself from this link – www.humanerx.com/star. For more information on how this works, visit www.humanerx.com/






Post by Madhumita Ganapathy

Madhu, having grown up in a household that always had pets, fell in love with animals at a very young age. She firmly believes that until one has loved, nurtured and cared for a pet, one’s life remains incomplete. She loves writing, travelling, and meeting new people. Madhu lives in Stamford and joined STARelief as Social Media Director to lend her marketing expertise in spreading the word and creating awareness. Connect with her on Twitter @MadhuG86


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